09 July 2010

Bringing streets to life: Ciclovía for Peterbora!

Too many cities lack park space and safe cycling and walking routes. They also have too much traffic and not enough clean air. Clever city builders are solving those problems by making better use of something cities have in abundance: streets. Their solution: Ciclovía. It's an event, started in Bogotá, Colombia in the 70s, which shuts down streets for people to walk, socialize, and cycle on one day a week. It is now catching on in cities like Winnipeg, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon.

L.A. organizers emphasize the event is a cheap way to create temporary park space. It also helps people get comfortable being on their bikes and on their feet in their streets.

Winnipeg and Vancouver are the only Canadian cities to celebrate Ciclovía so far. Let's make Peterborough the first Eastern Canadian Ciclovía city! 

Check out the video below about L.A.'s Ciclovía event called CicLAvia:


  1. Cool video and concept Brett!

    I wonder if Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market would qualify as Ciclavia? Maybe not since they don't cover the same amount of distance. Nevertheless another very cool way of 'bringing streets to life'.


    The post also made me think of this video featuring Christopher Hume:


  2. Thanks Matt! Pedestrian Sundays is awesome and it would be cool if Toronto expanded it to be more like Bogota's Ciclovia in which 120 km of connected streets are closed to automobile traffic weekly.

  3. Awesome video, Matt! I only looked at it now because I was on slow internet all weekend. What a great move on the part of Toronto! I definitely want to check out car-free Gould Street once the car barriers go up. Thanks for sharing!