09 July 2010

Bringing streets to life: Ciclovía for Peterbora!

Too many cities lack park space and safe cycling and walking routes. They also have too much traffic and not enough clean air. Clever city builders are solving those problems by making better use of something cities have in abundance: streets. Their solution: Ciclovía. It's an event, started in Bogotá, Colombia in the 70s, which shuts down streets for people to walk, socialize, and cycle on one day a week. It is now catching on in cities like Winnipeg, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon.

L.A. organizers emphasize the event is a cheap way to create temporary park space. It also helps people get comfortable being on their bikes and on their feet in their streets.

05 July 2010

Transforming city streets on a budget

Planners at Peterborough City Hall headed back to the drawing board last week after Council took $10,000 out of their Gilchrist Street redesign budget. The $11,000 set aside for planters was too much, Council decided. 

Councillors Dean Pappas and Ann Farquharson argued the beautification project would enhance pedestrian safety. 
They were outvoted by those who saw the planter cost as "extravagant".