24 June 2010

Calming George Street

A few years ago the City identified George Street south of the railway tracks as an area in need of traffic calming. It's a busy spot where people cross the street to get to Tim Hortons and the Beer Store. It's also where the trail along the old railway crosses the river from East City.

The rendering below was commissioned by the City and depicts what a calmer George Street could look like. 

Thanks to Clifford McCarten at Peterborough Green Up for sending me these!


  1. I think that be a great idea. It would help on gas emissions therefore cleaner air and cyclists also wouldn't have to worry as much about there being as many cars!

  2. wonderful Brett!

    I often wonder how Landsdowne could be refitted to make it more pedestrian friendly... not that it would be a good thing for downtown, but as it is, its a huge blight, a sore!

  3. This is really progressive and would help George Street tremendously. Have they identified implementation costs? How does the public perceive the bike lane? Is there any opposition to it?

  4. Just finding your blog now -- but this idea is fantastic!! My fingers are crossed -- that area is a nightmare.