10 June 2010

The art of traffic calming

Cobourg may be the traffic calming capital of Ontario. Numerous residential streets in the downtown, and notably one arterial road (Ontario St.), have been given traffic calming features in recent years.

Traffic calming features are designed to slow down traffic, making streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists. They help make streets places to live and socialize, rather than just pass through. Speed bumps, extended curbs, and the elimination of one-way streets are all traffic calming techniques.

The Town of Cobourg's proposed new urban design guidelines will ensure more such design, if adopted.

Meanwhile, Peterborough's Transportation Plan stipulates that traffic calming techniques are only to be implemented at a  neighbourhood's request. Do you know of any traffic calming areas in Peterborough? What about areas that need it? E-mail photos or comments here: brettathroop@gmail.com or post as a comment below.

Here's some photos I took in some of the beautiful and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes in Cobourg's Downtown Heritage District. 

Extended curb and painted crossing area
 New crosswalk on Albert St.

Extended curb, Victoria Park

Another traffic calming technique is road hockey! 

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  1. In the summer it is so hard to navigate around those areas however the extended curbs and painted walkways help alert drivers to be aware at all times. I love the proacative approach Cobourg is taking with becoming a leader in safety and becoming a sustainable community in terms of the environment. Good work Brett Troop !!