30 May 2010

My summer reading pick: Peterborough's Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Three trips to the registrar's offices (40 mins. round trip by bike) and several panicked phone calls later, I'm finally registered for CAST 3810Y: Community-based research project. I'm the only student doing a project with the Trent Centre for Community-Based Education this summer, so the people at the dean's and registrar's offices were not sure what to do with me.

25 May 2010

Transportation Headlines

City streets and trails

Intercity connections

Other news
  • Ontario urged to reduce dependence on transport fuels [ Globe & Mail]

17 May 2010

Project Commencement

Welcome. This is a place to think about the future of transportation in small cities.

Author: Brett Throop

About me: Undergraduate in Canadian Studies, Trent University, Peterborough, ON. My main research interests are in urban planning and municipal governance. I get around by foot, bicycle, bus, and from time-to-time my mom's minivan.

Research project: As a summer project (for course credit) I am researching transportation planning in the city of Peterborough (pop. 74,898). The city is currently updating its transportation plan to comply with provincial planning legislation; my project aims to contribute to this process by encouraging collaboration between stakeholders (including citizens, community orgs., and the city), identifying transportation planning best practices, and highlighting the strengths and identifying the weaknesses of Peterborough's transportation network. The final aim is to promote an active, accessible and diverse transportation network for the city of Peterborough.

Project partners:

Stay posted here for ideas about the future of transportation in Peterborough and other small cities.